Dear Ms. Quinn,  Thank you for being my OT teacher.  I will miss you in Montgomery.  Your student, J. 

We can't thank you enough for taking a personal interest in our boys.  The changes have been amazing.  They have really strengthened in mind and body.  Thank you for the impact you have made on our boys and our family.  We will never forget it!  Gratefully, JK

To the Amazing Ladies at ACTG:  THANK YOU!  You are making a life-changing difference in the lives of so many children!.  The sweetness, gentleness, and kindness you offer parents and children are so encouraging.  We appreciate what you do for this community and our three kids!

I played play-doh with you, and you showed me pictures of what to make.  I liked jumping, swinging, and riding the scooter board in the gym.  You helped me jump, do obstacle courses, and crash into the pillows.  I can push myself up and down on the table at home now.  You're an awesome therapist!  Love, L

My son has been in speech therapy for over a year with Ms. Jessica. She has become the topic of conversation in our home because we absolutely adore her! Now we have Ms Shelby and my son is equally excited. I absolutely love AR Children's therapy and I could not imagine going anywhere else.  AB

My son received OT, PT, and ST at ACTG for over six months while we lived in Arkansas and I cannot begin to express the difference that these wonderful therapists have made in our lives. We recently moved out of the country and we miss our friends at ACTG so much! I cannot recommend them strongly enough. MTC

My children have been going to ACTG for almost 2 years now. They have always been very supportive, attentive and encouraging to our whole family. We've grown to love them like an extended family. I highly recommend ACTG to anyone looking for an awesome therapy center. My kids love going there and always run into therapy. It has been a blessing to find this place. They truly are some of the very few people I trust with my babies. My boys have grown, developed and changed so much with their help. We love ACTG and you will too!!!  MG

They are amazing! I have been taking one of my twins there since he was 2 months old. Then his sister joined not long after. They are now 4, and still attend. I don't think I could take them anywhere else. My kids love going even though lately they throw fits going in. That has nothing to do with the amazing therapist there. They are the utmost professional group of caring people I've dealt with. I've never heard anything bad about what they do. Thank you for your help ladies and gentleman.  KL

Seventeen years and five of my seven children have received services, It's been a long path and the staff at ACTG has made it as easy of a process as was possible. My children have all thrived there and loved attending while meeting their goals. We do hope to one day NOT have a child needing their services but will surely miss everyone when we reach that point! I couldn't recommend them more. AS


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