Our building is located at 2701 T.P.White Drive Jacksonville, Arkansas on the feeder road right past Lowes. It is close to the Little Rock Airforce Base.



Although our team enjoys our open floor plan, our speech and language treatment area has cozy private areas in which children can spend quiet time working with our therapy team without distractions.  We also provide our team with space for interventions related to feeding, social skills, and play.   

We explore.  We practice. We learn. 


The gym

This is where the action happens! From swinging to climbing to crashing into giant crash pillows the gym provides a safe area for children to get the intense input that they crave.  Our therapists use a variety of different swings to provide the vestibular stimulation needed for developing good posture and sensory modulation skills. We use many types of toys and equipment to help our children, including giant physioballs, balance beams, boxing gloves, weighted toys, soccer goals, baseball tees, bubbles, and anything else that can be used to turn therapy from hard work to FUN. 

We work.  We grow.  We win. 


the Fine and visual motor play area

Here our occupational therapy team utilizes all of our precision toys such as Legos, Play-Doh, sand, and paint. We play on the floor to build postural stability and sit at tables to work on writing and pre-writing skills.  This area is also used to teach life skills including self-care and chores.  Our kids have room to work on body strength and stability using yoga poses. Our therapists may use our platform swing to work on balance while our children make fantastic creations.   We even have a quiet little getaway room with glowing stars, light up toys, and a disco ball for when life gets overwhelming!

We build. We create. We celebrate.  


Our office Team

When you enter the waiting area you'll find the office staff right behind the glass window ready to answer your questions and help guide you through your therapy adventure. Our helpful staff will work with you in regards to scheduling, paperwork requirements, and communication with the rest of your medical team. Our voicemail is also active 24/7 so that cancellations and updates can always be communicated to our team. 

We are here to help you.