Janey Shepherd - Physical Therapist

Janey Shepherd - Physical Therapist


Having been raised in a patriotic medical family her chosen path was likely inevitable. Her father was a retired Master Sergeant and Army medical specialist of 22 years (WWII, Korean War), while her mother was in the Women’s Army Corp (WAC) and was Army trained and served as a dental hygienist. They met and married while both proudly serving their country. In 1966 when her mother became pregnant with Janey she was honorably discharged since women were not allowed to actively serve in the military while with child in the 60s. As a registered nurse and registered dental hygienist her mother instilled in Janey a lifelong love of learning.

She has always been an active person and competed in sports throughout her childhood, playing basketball and volleyball in high school at Mt St. Mary Academy in Little Rock. Being naturally drawn to the fields of education and physical therapy during her youth she worked babysitting children of all ages and abilities. Working as a caregiver for a young family friend with cerebral palsy helped ignite an interest at a young age for working with children with special needs.

Janey attended UALR following high school and graduated with a BS in Elementary Education in 1990. She worked as a 3rd grade classroom specialist in the Little Rock School District for 4 years. Her love of learning, family medical background, and interest in sports and human anatomy called her to return to higher education and to become a physical therapist. After graduating from the physical therapy program at UCA in December 1998 she has spent the last couple of decades working as a licensed PT in the state of Arkansas.

She began her PT career working with adults and while she thoroughly enjoyed her work in adult rehabilitation, her previous life experience and background working with children was leading her heart to the pediatric field. Once she entered this environment as a physical therapist she knew she had found her true calling and has never looked back. Janey has a true passion for making a difference while helping the children and families she considers herself fortunate to work with. For her it is a true honor to spend her days making physical therapy and gross motor activity a truly fun and enjoyable experience.

Janey has worked as a physical therapist in numerous settings and in many different roles: Adult Rehabilitation Director, Therapy Director, Preschool Director, Outpatient Clinic Director/Administrator, and Cofounder/Administrator of ACTG. Along with becoming an APTA- Credentialed Clinical Instructor, She has focused on seeking out core stabilization and orthopedic training, as well as continuing education in sensory education, behavior supports, myofascial release, kinesiotaping, torticollis, plagiocephaly, neurodevelopmental treatment, physioball utilization, therapeutic listening, orthotics, reflex movement training, yoga, and kickboxing.

In her free time Janey enjoys learning new workout moves, going to the lake and cooking. When having a rare moment of quiet time she likes to curl up with a good episode of either the Big Bang Theory or Vikings on the History Channel and sip a cold diet cherry limeade or nibble a good piece of dark chocolate. Other than her work, her greatest joy in life has been raising her daughter Madeline with her wonderful husband David. Of course when listing the immediate family she simply must include their fur baby Bonnie Blue who they adopted from the Sherwood, AR animal shelter (link below). Bonnie Blue is a very catlike Basenji mix who sometimes 'meows' at them and is quite the agile jumper!