GUEST BLOGGER - Using tablets with purpose

We all know too much screen time is definitely detrimental to proper development. That's not even debatable as there has never once been a study that in any way shape or form inferred otherwise. But, that does not make them inherently bad. There are many aps available that can be wonderful tools for children.

Many nonverbal children utilize communication aps that enhance their lives in many ways. But for the neurotypical child the key is to make sure they are using it in a manner that is not akin to staring at grass grow.

I like to allow ABC mouse and reading of books on the kindle ap as perfect past times when riding in the car. Lets face it there is not much of any productivity your child can manage while strapped into their car seat… (which they should be well past the age at which they would be able to work the tablet and the educational software.)

But, when we are in the house and the weather is either too stormy and wet to be out or more commonly here so hot you cant breath out there then indoor activities are needed and the Ipad or other tablet can be utilized to accomplish many creative outlets. 

One of my kids favorites is Art for Kids Hub on YouTube.

The kids adore following along with the hot to draw videos and drawing new little creatures and things. I did sit down with them and teach them hot to use 2-3 shades of the same color and shade their coloring to give a nice 3d effect. It does not take long to show them proper coloring technique. For some reason coloring has fallen to the way side in children's lives these days which makes absolutely zero sense considering the massive sells of adult coloring books. So we attest that drawing and coloring are therapeutic and beneficial as a calming activity for adults... so we are gonna discontinue it in our children's lives. My two girls have probably drawn most of the videos on the channel.



Another activity that really makes them think and use PATIENCE which by the way IS STILL A VIRTUE, would be the still motion animation ap they downloaded on the ipads. Stop Motion Animation (the free or paid version both work fine) is a lot of fun. Expect to have to sit with them for the first try at it. It really takes a LOT of patience to make a little video. We find legos are one of the most entertaining items to use. Plus... you first have to put the lego set together before you can make a movie with it. This will effectively use up an ENTIRE day of time. It's a fabulous activity for a stormy or well an August day. 


Below is a short little clip one of my daughters made up real fast. You can see her above dealing with her 3 year old brother while making it so its a bit choppy for sure. But hey... this teaches her patience and coping skills. Getting anything accomplished with him helping is a miracle. 

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